UVee Therapy Systems

UVee Solarium

For Treatment of Dermatological Disorders like Psoriasis and Vitiligo
PUVA and TL-01 narrowband UVB

For Tanning Studio & Home

UVee develops and manufactures UV Therapy systems for the treatment of dermatological disorders like Psoriasis and Vitiligo. We sell a broad range of UVA and UVB Therapy Systems which can be purchased directly on this website or from qualified distributors.

The UVee Solaria are UV Therapy Systems equipped with UVA Solaria lamps intended for Tanning Studio and home use.

All UVee Therapy Systems and Solaria include:
  • UV light sensors for more accurate treatments
  • Apple iPad Control Panel
  • WiFi connection
  • Philips Medical UV Lamps
  • UV resistant Steel Parts (no plastic)
  • Designed & Made in Belgium
  • 3 Year Warranty
UVee services all existing PCL / Puva Combi Light products.

The UVee iPad Control Panel is used on all UVee Therapy Systems

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